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Corpus Linguistics
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Automated Part of Speech Tagging: Overview

Author/Org: Linda Van Guilder
Contents: This handout is intended to serve as a brief introduction to the types of tagging schemes commonly used today, although no specific system will be discussed. For each issue addressed, pointers to primary literature are  provided
Notes: Handout for LING361, Fall 1995 Georgetown University

Corpus Annotation at UCREL

Author/Org: UCREL
Contents: A basic introduction to the different kinds of Corpus annotation: POS, grammatical parsing, word sense tagging, anaphoric annotation and prosodic annotation

ICAME Corpus Manuals

Author/Org: ICAME
Contents: Links to manuals on various corpora (written and spoken English, Historical English and Parsed Corpora)

Reference Guide to the SARA Windows Client

Author/Org: BNC
Contents: "This document summarizes all the facilities provided by the SARA client program. In the BNC Handbook, these facilities are introduced in the context of specific tasks, and as means of exploring the BNC."


TEI Guidlines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange

Author/Org: TEI
Contents: "These Guidelines have been developed by the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). They are addressed to anyone who works with any text in electronic form.They provide means of representing those features of a text which need to be identified explicitly in order to facilitate processing of the text by computer programs. In particular, they specify a set of markers (or tags) which may be inserted in the electronic representation of the text, in order to mark the text structure and other textual features of interest"

You are now in section > Tutorials > Misc

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