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Korpuslinguistik - Neue Zugänge zu Sprache in der Linguistik

Author/Org: Prof. Dr. Bernd Rueschoff, University of Essen, Germany
Contents: The article (in German) deals with linguistics in general, resources and tools of corpus linguistics and their relation to didactics.
Notes: Another related article: Corpus Linguistics and Language Learning

Concordances and Corpora

Author/Org: Catherine N. Ball
Contents: Introduction to Electronic text: texts, collections and corpora; Concordances

Introduction to Corpus Linguistics

Author/Org: Sabine Reich, University of Cologne, Germany 1998
Contents: Topics covered here are: Definition of corpora, concordance programs, annotation, the SARA and a bibliography  

Introduction to the Use of Computer Corpora in Linguistics

Author/Org: Susan Hockey, University of Alberta
Contents: Topics covered here are: Why work with corpora; acquiring and/or creating corpora; Analysis tools

Short overview on Corpus Linguistics

Author/Org: Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Contents: Definition of corpus and Corpus Linguistics, overview of the field
Notes: Useful very basic introduction for newbies

Slide show on Corpus Linguistics

Author/Org: School of Information Technology and Engineering, Ottowa, CA
Contents: Overview on Corpus Linguistics


Web-based course on Corpus Linguistics

Author/Org: Tony McEnery and Andrew Wilson
Contents: Divided into four parts, this tutorial covers the following topics: Early Corpus Linguistics and the Chomskyian Revolution; What is a Corpus and what is in it; Quantitative Data; The Use of Corpora in Language Studies
Notes: This tutorial is meant as a supplement to the author's book Corpus Linguistics.

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