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BNC: Simple Search online

Author/Org: BNC
Contents: Perform simple queries on the BNC, output in complete sentences, no KWIC format 
Access: free (trial)


CobuildDirect Concordance and Collocation Sampler

Author/Org: Cobuild
Contents: The CobuildDirect corpus is composed of 56 million words of contemporary written and spoken text. To get a flavour of the type of linguistic data that a corpus like this can provide, you can type in some simple queries here and get a display of concordance lines from the corpus. The query syntax allows you to specify word combinations, wildcards, part-of-speech tags, and so on.
Access: free


Concordancer Spaceless

Contents: "Concordancer takes the text of a web page from any publicly accessible web page on the Internet and creates a linked list of sentences which contain the search term."
Access: This system has been available as a free 'service' to the web since the 10th of April 1998.


Author/Org: IDS Mannheim, Germany
Contents: Today, the corpora available on-line over COSMAS-I contain more than 1080 million running words. Due to publishers' copyright restrictions, the corpora available to the general public are limited to approximately 653 million running words. Anonymous COSMAS-I sessions are limited to 60 minutes. Please note that COSMAS-I is not a web search engine. It is a corpus search and analysis tool; therefore, it uses its own search query language designed specifically for corpus-based linguistic studies
Access: free

LDC Online

Author/Org: LDC
Contents: LDC's guest account with access to the Brown text corpus, the TIMIT speech corpus and the Switchboard corpus
Access: guest account

Online KWIC Concordancer (Business Letter Corpus)

Author/Org: Yasumasa Someya, LOGOS Language Systems Institute
Contents: Online Concordancer of various corpora related to Business letter writing
Access: free


Swedish Corpus with online Concordance

Author/Org: Spraakdata
Contents: This site gives access to a number a swedish corpora, ranging from 1 million to 28 million - a real treasure for those interested in the Swedish language.
Access: free

Web Concordancer

Contents: "This program provides basic concordance search and  retrieval functions using corpus files which are located on the VLC server. 

Web Concordance and Workbooks

Author/Org: Dundee University
Contents: This site is devoted to the study of literature using literary computer concordances, a form of analysing text. This document will attempt to help students understand what is meant by literary concordancing and will ask questions about featured Romantic writers which may be answered by using the English department concordance site.
Access: free


Author/Org: WebCorp
Contents: Creates concordances from the internet; has various search features
Access: free

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