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Author/Org: R.J.C. Watt
Purpose: Frequency lists, full and fast concordances, multiple input files, create web concordances, collocation lists, etc.; Possible to use with different western languages and character sets
Access: The unregistered version is freely available for personal evaluation only for 30 days. This version is fully functional. Cost $89, further upgrades are free
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP


KwikFinder Research Tool for the Web

Author/Org: William H. Fletcher
Purpose: A research tool to help formulate and focus queries, automatically retrieve and excerpt documents matching the search criteria. A search produces a Key Word in Context concordance of the documents analyzed.
Access: download for free after registering with your details 
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP


LEXA - Corpus Processing Software

Author/Org: Raymond Hickey
Purpose: "The intention behind the present set of programmes is to put at the disposal of the interested linguist the tools he or she would require in order to process linguistically relevant data, most probably from an available corpus, with a high degree of automation on a personal computer. The package is divided into several groups which perform typical functions. Of these the first, lexical analysis, will be of immediate concern. The main programme, Lexa, allows one to tag and lemmatise any text or series of texts with a minimum of effort. All that is required is that the user specify what (possible) words are to be assigned to what lemmas."
Access: available on the ICAME CD-ROM and version 7 is available for download here
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

Mike Scott's WordSmith 4.0 beta

Author/Org: Mike Scott
Purpose: Lexical analysis software for data-driven learning and research
Access: Version 4.0 beta has been published and is available for download. Version 3 is also available on Mike's website
Platform: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

Microconcord (athelstan)

Author/Org: Athelstan
Purpose: "MicroConcord is a concordance program specifically designed for language teachers and language learners, for use with personal computer"
Access: licensed;
Platform: DOS

Microconcord (Mike Scott)

Author/Org: Mike Scott
Purpose: operating on DOS; number of lines is limited to 1,500 lines; less complex than WordSmith Tools and "may be easier for students to use."
Access: free, click here for download


Monoconc PRO

Author/Org: Athelstan
Purpose: "New Features: Advanced Search: Full Regular Expression search. Tag Search. Meta-tag Definitions. Save Workspace. Popular because of its ease-of-use and stability, this professional concordance program is widely used in commercial and educational settings."
Access: licensed; download the demo
Platform: Windows 95 or higher


Author/Org: EU-funded Lingua-Socrates project
Purpose: The Lingua Multilingual Parallel Concordancer for Windows 
Access: The program is available from CFL Software Development, price �40. Downloadable parallel texts without restrictions on distribution are available without extra charge from the Parallel Texts Library


Author/Org: Corpus Research Group, University of Birmingham, UK
Purpose: "Qwick is a corpus browser that allows you to build up your own working corpus, retrieve concordance lines using a simple but powerful query language, and to compute collocation statistics using a variety of adjustable parameters."
Access: available at the TRACTOR archive. You can become a member for research purposes and download tools offered at this archive


TATOE: Text Analysis Tool with Object Encoding

Author/Org: TATOE is a co-operation between Melina Alexa and Lothar Rostek.
Purpose: The Text Analysis Tool with Object Encoding for computer-assisted text analysis offers functionality for text as well as coding exploration and on-line coding of text data. It supports a large variety of tasks related to computer-assisted and multi-layered text analysis. TATOE supports semi-automated text analysis, KWIC display, SGML, XML, etc
Access: free download
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT

Text Analysis Computing Tools (TACT)

Purpose: TACT is a text-analysis and retrieval system for MS-DOS that permits inquiries on text databases in European languages. It has been developed by a team of programmers, designers, and textual scholars including John Bradley, Ian Lancashire, Lidio Presutti, and Michael Stairs.
Access: download from on-site ftp (anonymous)
Platform: Windows 3.11 and Windows 95/98


UltraFind 2.5.3 for Macintosh

Purpose: "UltraFind solves probably the biggest problem you have today: how to quickly find something in the overwhelming volume of information on your hard disks or on your network. Powerful and full-featured, UltraFind treats your Mac or network as an information-rich file and text searchable database."
Access: shareware, download free copy, limited amount of time


Author/Org: Peter Roe
Purpose: The Aston Text Analyser Mark2 for Window (word frequency, concordancer, etc.)
Access: Distributed on CD-ROM
Platform: Windows 95 or later



Author/Org: Zdenek Martinek from the University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic
Purpose: "Concordancer for Windows enables one to search for words in text files and display them in the form of concordances. Concordances can be used for text analysis including the investigation of style, grammar usage, vocabulary usage and teaching."
Access: free download from their web site
Platform: created for Windows 95 (worked for me on XP as well)

Xlex/www tools

Author/Org: Arbeitsbereich Linguistik, University of Muenster, Germany
Purpose: Xlex/www is a suite of tools for linguistic data processing, with an web-based, graphical front-end.
Access: free for educational purposes; VIEW or USE the online demo version or ORDER your own copy

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