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You can also find a short bibliography on forensic linguistics here.

Forensic Linguistics Institute

Org:  John Olsson
Contents: "The FLI was set up in 1995 to investigate texts of a legal nature on behalf of clients, and to undertake research into the best ways of analysing and measuring such texts. The Director is , an M.A. from Bangor University in North Wales and an MPhil. from the University of Birmingham in England. So far we have investigated texts on behalf of over thirty clients. We also develop and market software for use by organisations and individuals wishing to undertake their own text analysis."

Forensic Linguistics: The International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law

Org:  University of Birmingham
Contents: Forensic Linguistics is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year in June and December.

MA in Forensic Linguistics at Cardiff University, UK

Org:  Cardiff University, UK
Contents: "The MA/Diploma in Forensic Linguistics is an innovative programme which provides a unique opportunity to focus on the study of language in the legal and judicial process at Masters level."
Notes: This degree has been available since Sept. 2002.

Sixth International Conference on Language and the Law Sydney 2003

Org:  University of Sydney (Host)

Papers will be presented on all topics involving linguistic analysis of legal issues, including:

  • Forensic linguistics (linguistic evidence/expertise)
  • Linguistic interaction in the courtroom
  • Analysis/interpretation of legal texts
  • Court interpreting
  • Multilingualism/language policy
  • Ethics of testifying/consulting on linguistic matters
  • Corpus-based approaches to legal issues
Notes: The conference will be held on July 9-11, 2003, in Sydney, Australia. The local host is the linguistics department of the University of Sydney.

The Forensic Linguistic Case File: An Online Forensic Linguistics Course

Org:  Forensic Linguistics Institute
Contents: "The online forensic linguistic course consists of eight modules, listed below. Each module handles a different aspect of forensic linguistics, using actual forensic (and sometimes political) texts to illustrate the discussion. Students get hands-on experience analysing texts from the extensive collection to which the Forensic Linguistics Institute has access, some of which are exclusive to us."

Webster Forensic Linguistics Home page

Org:  Sue Blackwell, the FL "Webster" (Birmingham University)
Contents: Information on Forensic Linguistics
Notes: Blackwell has also initiated the Habeas Corpus Project




You are now in section > CL in Applied Linguistics> Forensic Linguistics

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